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XV2-2T0 Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 APs with High Efficiency Antennas

Cover significantly larger areas in campus networks and public Wi-Fi hotspot applications. Coupling Wi-Fi 6 technology with high efficiency antennas, the XV2-2T delivers up to 1 km range as well as higher throughput at shorter ranges compared to competitive solutions. Covering more area per AP, network operators can save costs on equipment, cabling, installation, maintenance and access rights for outdoor Wi-Fi deployments.

Data Sheet

Outstanding Outdoor Coverage and Performance

XV2-2T Access Points features:

  • 1 km or greater range, enabling a significant reduction in the equipment and cost required to cover a given area

  • PoE-out up to 30 Watts for external IP/Ethernet devices such as an IP camera, 60 GHz node, or another Wi-Fi access point

  • All-in-one design with integrated antennas and controller functionality

  • Coverage options include omni-directional and 120-degree sectored

Unique Antenna Design

The XV2-2T0’s high-efficiency antennas deliver a maximum of 9 dBi and an average of 7 dBi gain over 360 degrees in 5 GHz, delivering maximum gain and minimum nulls. The XV2-2T1 delivers a maximum of 13.5 dBi gain over a 120 degree sectored area in 5GHz. The antenna design enables the XV2-2T access points to deliver consistent coverage for optimal user experience.

Cover Areas with Fewer Outdoor Access Points

Longer range and higher performance at range means that you can cover an area with significantly less equipment, backhaul infrastructure, cabling, installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

Combined with a highly attractive price point, both the initial investment in the solution and the total cost of ownership over its lifetime are dramatically reduced.